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ignored the beerbong.. I went to my friend's bday party. The girls were like starring at me, wont say anything til one guy finally came up to me and looked surprised to see me. He said,"you look good, and thin!!"
Im like thanks. He was the only one who tld me. None of the other girls. They knew abt my ed, thats why they're not happy seeing me going out in public while my ribs, hipbones are showing even on the back too. Blahhies. I'm taking easy on my throat since i threw up a bloood.
anyway this pic taken last june 2, 105lbs. Well yea i'm short, 5'2.

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I'm 5'2, 105 lbs at that time taken last June 2nd.. I have an ed for 7 years, I know I shldn't be in here since I'm bulimic. But I am sure some of you are anorexic and bulimic. I do reject the foods mostly n force myself throwing up to keep my weight down under than going over. I hate when people talk behind my back at the parties when I'm in the swimsuit. -_-  When I was chubby, I won't walk in the public in my swimsuit, and now I am.
Now am 112 ew.

btw I used to have an username in ana community, the user name was ana_like_you. I dont use that anymore. I quitted a fews year ago. I ve decided to come back to share with u girls. . Cos i m going through a hard times due to friends are bothering me abt the weight. They didnt like me being thin and all. blah..

what the hell, the pictures doesnt work on here. I used photobucket links, guess Im wayy behind w/ livejournal. I havent used it in a pretty long time.  Help me out eh?
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